About Us

 As a member of the National Association of Realtors, with the designation of Realtor,  this agency is pledged to conduct its business by the Realtor Code of  Ethics.  Its 17 articles require following the ideals of competency,  fairness, high integrity, and ethical conduct in business.  A part of the (MLS)  Multiple listing system, we can show you any property for sale on the  island from its southern village on Carver's Harbor, to its northern  coast on the Thorofare. George Harrison, Broker/Owner, has been licensed since 1988, and has lived on island  over 44 years. This  experience is valuable to both sellers and buyers, and added to this  background has been even more years involved in "hands on" renovation,  and historic restoration projects, one being his own 1831 white office  building pictured on this site,  an 1840 Greek Revival , and other  island homes.   

Fortunately, George is good natured, so you can call him late, very late, or early in the morning.